On this page i want to tell you, as transparent as possible, of what is meant with advertising in my blog.

You clicked here and maybe you thought: Advertising? Why would she inform me about advertising? Because of a law in Germany, where i am based.

This is very simple: If you know i own 3 Domains. You didn’t know? Then i will explain it to you. ūüôā

Since 2015 i own where i have a summary of my patterns and own produced yarns. There had been also some little tools. Because the hosting service of the site was not very good, i settled in 2018 to Strato. At the moment i do all new there, so unfortunately not all is english and it isn’t complete. But she should show you a little about my brand Marie and Me.

Since 2017 i am owner of the domain, where you can shop my yarns, gradients, some Scheepjes yarns, my patterns, needles and so on…

And now in 2019 i startet the domain Here i experiment with blogging. I want to show you news round about my business, crafting and of course i am a huge DIY-Fan.

Maybe you think: why 3 domains. I am a mommy of two. A Toddler and a very wise child in Kindergarten. When something happened in my family i can go offline with one or two domains, but still work.

But there are other expensive things than my websites. I visit markets, LYS and fair trades. Not only as seller, also as visitor. And of course i will report to you.

But no fear. I won’t pracitce aggressive advertising. I personal don’t like it to see the ads everywhere on blogs i read. Especially Ads which are not be connected in any way with the content.

So how will i advertise?

Advertising for my own brand

This is the first reason of the blog. It is all about Marie and Me! My products and my yarns shown in a attractive way.


Affiliate is a cooperation with some brands, where i get paid if you buy something in a link i set in an article. In the normal case i will show you all the products i absolutely want to suggest and so i will generate an Affiliate-Links.

Because of a code in the link my partner knew you came from my blog. If you buy something i will receive a commission.

But don’t worry. You won’t pay more than normal.


My business started in 2015 and so i had some exciting and also funny cooperations i want to tell you about. If i won’t, this blog would be very empty. This is advertising for my cooperation partners, because i link their sites.

And last but not least. Advertising of brands i absolutely like and use many times..

How is the identification?

Because i am based in Germany i had to identificate advertising. We have a law for this. Even when i blog in english. All advertising outside my own business in my blog, facebook or instagram has to be identified as advertising. For example

[Advertising brands and linking. * are links to Amazon-Affiliate.]

I had to name the advertising and tell you if there is an affiliate in the article. You will find * when there are such links.

Even on Facebook and Instagram this has to be identified.

Any questions?

Write me or to the adress in my Impressum.

Important things about affiliate you will find in my Privacy Policy.

You think my blog is interesting and you want to cooperate?

Just write me. There is an inexhaustible interest in knitting, crocheting and diy. I am based in germany but i sell also english patterns, so i will translate the blogposts and write single english posts if the products are not available in Germany.

Thank you for reading.


Written and released 2019-08-16

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