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In this chart for crochet hook sizes international you will find the crochet hook sizes for europe, UK and US. I searched a long time to find a translation. There is no guarantee that i found all sizes available. If you miss something, please write me a comment.

Why this chart?

My first steps on ravelry in 2014 where a little shy. There was no option to translate the site into german. I wanted to learn how to crochet english patterns, because in germany you didn’t find much patterns. So i searched on Ravelry, Blogs and Shops and many more ways for tools helping me to translate. And this is what i found. I hope it works for you too.

How to read the chart?

You have a pattern, you absolutely want to crochet. But then you see it is size 3,5mm. What? Just take a look at the chart. Go to 3,5mm and you will see it is size E (for example). 🙂

Chart crochet hook sizes international:

Deutsch (metrisch)UK Standard HäkelnadelUS Standard HäkelnadelUK Steel HookUS Steel Hook
0,5 mm------------
0,6 mm------614
0,7 mm------5,513
0,75 mm------512
0,8 mm------4,511
1 mm------410
1,15 mm------3,59
1,25 mm16---38
1,5 mm15---2,57
1,75 mm------26
1,85 mm1,55
2 mm14014
2,25 mm131 / B03
2,5 mm------002
2,75 mm122 / C000---
3 mm112 / C---1
3,25 mm103 / D---0
3,5 mm94 / E---0
3,75 mm---5 / F
4 mm86 / G
4,25 mm---G
4,5 mm77
5 mm68 / H
5,5 mm59 / I
6 mm410 / J
6,5 mm3K / 10,5
7 mm210,75
7,5 mm1---
8 mm0L / 11
9 mm00M / N / 13
10 mm000N / P / 15
11,5 mm---P / 16
12 mm---O / 17
15 mm---P / Q 7 19
15,75 mm---Q / 19
16 mm---Q
19 mm---S / 35
25 mm---50

Please don’t copy my work. I am so happy if you would link my site. For more tips and tricks there will come more soon here 🙂

Happy Hooking.


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